Buschman Mid Century Modern Dining Rectangular Kitchen Table in White with Wooden Legs, 47.2 x 31.5 Inches

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This rectangular white dining table is perfect for a family in a modern home or a forward-thinking business looking to upgrade its office facilities or client-facing waiting areas.  A perfect example of modern style, this spotless white table is sturdy and easy to clean, as it is crafted using HQ polypropylene, a non-toxic molded plastic. 
This table such as this goes well with a variety of interior design themes; whether the rest of your room makes use of dark woods or lighter metals, it should fit right in with your home or office overall appearance.  The quality of this dining table cannot be emphasized enough; each piece is provided with a matte finish and is tested comprehensively by factory staff.
Buschman, our family managed company, is totally committed to ensuring that the tables we supply to carefully selected furniture stores across the country are always of the highest quality. This means that rather than waiting for orders to arrive at our warehouse, we regularly head out to spend time in the factories where our tables are produced.
From all of our many top-notch manufacturers throughout the years, we have selected the one that we believe delivers the highest quality in tables, but always at a truly affordable price.  To make sure that we always honor this commitment to excellence, we also leave our home base and go and buy comparable tables at our competitors.  This means that we can quality check the heck out of them, and make sure our Buschman choices are always superior.


Table Height: 29"
Tabletop Length: 47.2"
Tabletop Width: 39.4"
Table Weight: 44 lb



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