Kids' Sets

Kids' Sets
Look at them!
How much joy and happiness while they organising this little tea party! What a relief that with great quality table top you don’t need to worry that the furniture gets destroyed. You may just focus on the feelings of love and warmth that your body fills in with as you watch them. Come on, forget for a second what a busy bee you are, come join them - the sturdiness of the chairs may even handle an adult. :)
Free your imagination, let your inner child out for a second. Watch you swap places with your little sweethearts as they being adorably serious serving imaginative tea or ice-cream, watch them laughing, laugh with them as you gather together around this beautiful set to make the memories that last.


Are these chairs easily tip over?


According to happy parents that already own a set, you may even share the same seat with your kid during a tea party - that's how sturdy they are.

How do I clean the table?

Super easy! Mix warm water with one tablespoon of soda or dishwashing gel and washing powder and wash the white plastic surface with a soft sponge to avoid damaging the surface.

Where can I find replacement hardware? 

Oh there is no need to bother, just reach out directly to us and we will do our best to assist you and provide the screws for free!