Buschman Set of 4 Blue Chairs, Mid Century Modern Dining Chairs

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This versatile set of four blue, side chairs is perfect for a small family in a modern home or a forward-thinking business looking to upgrade its office facilities or client-facing waiting areas. A perfect example of a modern lounge chair, these spotless white armless seating options are sturdy, incorporating wooden legs and a wire metal Eiffel dowel base, and easy to clean, as they are crafted using HQ polypropylene, a non-toxic molded plastic. Seating such as this goes well with a variety of interior design themes; whether the rest of your room makes use of dark woods or lighter metals, these chairs should fit right in with your home or office’s overall appearance. The quality of these mid century dining room chairs cannot be emphasized enough – each seat is provided with a matte finish, and is tested comprehensively by factory staff.
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rating-1 5.0

Beautiful stools! I purchased the wrong size tho! Seller was so helpful during the whole return process.

By Angela M. on April 27, 2019
rating-2 5.0

Chairs were as described. A nice, bright yellow color. Easier to assemble than similar chairs I purchased from other sellers.

By Kyleen Carpenter (Albert) on May 1, 2019
rating-3 5.0

Great price and on time. Very good quality

By Raymond L. Rubio on May 2, 2019
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